GPS Signal Detector CC308+

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This product uses active laser scanning and passive radio frequency sweep combination method can accurately identify eavesdropping ,telephone tapping and digital eavesdropping ,tracking ,vehicle eavesdropping ,videotaping ,fraud ,protection of personal privacy and confidential information.
Small, lightweight, easy to use and extremely effective.
Prevents eaves-dropping & unlawful video-taping.
Easily finds all hidden cameras, including pin hole cameras.
Quickly locates the source of any wireless signals and spy cameras.
Detects SMS sending and receive signals, cell phone internet signals, and call signals.
Detection of optical camera lenses.
Detection of radio waves (wireless camera / listening device,etc.)
Adjustable lens detector mode, with different flashing frequency.
Low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery.

Auto-detection function
Detects Wired & Wireless devices
Detection alert modes: 1. Laser. 2. Vibration(mute). 3. Beep.4 LED display. 5 Headset.
1.2G / 2.4G 100MHZ-3000MHZ full-frequency detection
Light,tone,vibration,multi-function warning.
Detects wired camera from 10cm-10m (visual scan using special filtered lens)
Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10m(according to the camera decided to transmit power distance)
Power at 50mw-200mw detection range 30-50cm
Power at 300mw-600mw detection range 100-200cm
Power at 800mw-1200mw detection range 300-1000cm
Power built-in lithium battery 280mAH
Probe laser wavelength of 920nm
Special filter lens
Material: ABS

1 x CC308+ Detector
1 x Charger
1 x Earphone
1 x User manual

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