Diamond Core Driller with Carry Case

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This diamond core driller makes light work of drilling into seriously hard surfaces such as Concrete, Poroton, Cellular Concrete, Ytong, Marble, Bricks, Tiles, Granite, Stoneware and various other Masonry and Concrete surfaces. Hook the fluid lubricant nozzle up to a water source to produce a lubricated slurry and get drilling!
The powerful 1400W motor can power the large impetus,and its trigger lock, ergonomic shoulder stock brace and removable 3 way soft-grip support handle all work in harmony to ensure high degree precision drilling, and the smoothest possible operation. You can work with peace of mind knowing its overload clutch will kick in if the core drill bit becomes lodged. This function ensures both operator and product protection. Moreover, the quick access reset button is positioned right above the handle so it’s always only a finger’s length away when operating. The combination of these features have resulted in a highly user-friendly and ergonomic product that elevates the work of tradespeople to an extremely professional standard.
For convenience when moving on and off the work-site, it also comes with a handy carry case. So it’s time to hit the ground spinning and get stuck into the hard stuff!
Voltage: 200V/50Hz
Thread Adaptor Size:20mm(3/4 inch)
Hose Adaptor Size:8mm
Drilling Diameter Max.:110mm
Cord Length: 2M
Support Handle: Removable 3 Way Soft-Grip
Material Suitability: Masonry and Concrete Varieties
Carton Dimensions (W x L x H): 32*41*14cm
Product Dimensions (W x L x H): 11-26*47*27cm
Weight: 5.8kg

Package Include:
1* Diamond Core Driller
1* Carry Case

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