8Ton/2000W Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

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This unit is perfect for residential use or on a small rural property. It's also powerful and portable enough to make helping out a friend or neighbour easy. With no engine fumes being generated, it can also be safely used in poorly ventilated areas. A splitting force of 8 tons ensures this unit will split through just about anything you can throw at it.
Powerful eight-tonne splitting force
Commercial grade motor for superior power
Superior oil filtration for low maintenance
Eight-inch wheels for effortless relocation
Triple-reinforced splitting head
Oversize 58mm hydraulic cylinder
Suitable for timber 50mm - 250mm* (wide) 500mm* (long)

1. Never force the log splitter for more than 5 seconds by keeping pressure on it to split excessively hard wood.
2. Always set logs firmly on the log retaining plates and work table. Make sure logs will not twist, rock or slip while being split. Do not force the blade by splitting the log on the upper part. This will break the blade or damage the machine.
3. Do not try to knock the jammed log off. Knocking about will damage the machine or may launch the log and cause accident.

Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Power: 2000W
Power Source: Corded Electric
Type: Log Splitter
Protection Degree: IP54
Log Diameter: 50-250mm
Max. Splitting Force: 8 Tons
Max. Splitting Length: 500mm
Weight: 49kg

1x 8 Tonne Log Splitter