8 Ton Oil Hydraulic Jack

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It's ideal for use with automotive, marine, construction, industrial and agricultural applications. Long telescopic single ram gives a higher maximum lift than the standard range, while keeping the same compact closed height. It is perfect for virtually all makes and models of cars as well as commercial vehicles, trucks, caravans and tractors.

Jacks with adjustable screw up height
Hydraulic oil tank
Valve releases for auto descend
Easy operation and durable for though use
Reliable and portable
2 parts handle for easy storage
8T: min height: 19cm
max height: 38cm

1. Before operating, estimate the weight of the load. Do not overload the jack beyong its rated load capacity.
2. Select point of action according to the gravitational center place the jack on the ground if necessary. Place a hard plank under the jack so to avoid tottering or falling during operation.
3. Insert operating handle into the socket and the ram is steadily raised by the up and down movement of the handle and the load is raised. The ram will stop rising when the required height is reached.
4.When you have lifted the jack to a required position,please clockwise screw the pressure valve to the rightmost to fix the spindle.
5.When you finish using the jack,please anti-clockwise screw the pressure valve to the left.
6.If you use the jack on a soft ground,we suggest that you should lay a large baseplate or a hard object under it.

- 1 x 8 Ton Hydraulic Jack

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