500ML Aroma Therapy Oil Diffuser Purifier + Cup

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The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier is a smart choice to decorate the room, or choose as a gift to family with the concept of health and its exquisite design or friends for we all know that in Australia, where our climate can be fairly dry for long periods of time, a humidifier can really do wonders to your health, plant life and possessions.
With its help, you will improve sleep quality by relieving dry throat and snoring. Depending on the capacity of the water tank, the cool mist can last 10 hours, making day and night both relaxing and rejuvenating. Besides, it also helps to hydrate indoor plants growing in a dry environment. Wooden furniture and even wallpaper would be less prone to drying out and cracking. Last but not least, a humidifier can help to reduce static electricity and random shocks cause by it.
This 500ml humidifier has 7 colour changing led lights, automatic power off function, timing function, adjustable mist amount, and aroma Therapy function. You can't imagine such a small body with so many function!! You can change colour lights to meet every atmosphere.Otherwise, this humidifier is made of eco-friendly PP material, which is designed for essential oil. You can turn on it when you sleep, have a bath, or have a facial mask.

100% high quality and brand new!!
Eco-friendly PP material,which is designed for oil essential
Super mute running design improves deeper sleep
Timing function: you can set running time for 60 mins, 120 mins, 180 mins.
Romantic 7 colour changing lamps,suitable for all kinds of atmosphere.
Easy to pouring water and clean the water tank
Safe design with automatic water-load protection, stop mist when waterless and protect the machine from being damaged
Ultrasonic diffuser breaks water and aroma solution into extremely fine micro-particles/mist and emission into the air
Used as humidifier for hot and dry weather or winter when heating is on
Keep water-soluble essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating and automatic water-load protection
The mist is room temperature, may get warmer after a period of usage. The cold water used in the diffuser may also get warmer after a period of usage, this is normal.

Capacity of water tank: 500ML
Material: PP material
LED light: 7 Color Changing lamps(3 LED bulbs)
Input:100-240V 50/60HZ 0.35A MAX
Output:24V (0.6A )
Noise Level: <35 dB
Effective Area: 20M² - 30M²
Working time: About 10hrs
Rated Power:16w
Automatic water-load protection
Weight: 850g

Oil is not included in the package. Only 100% natural water-soluble essential oil can be used in this product. Those containing chemical fragrance, spice or impurities will case malfunction. Use at least 3 drops per 100ml water. Too much oil will clog the system.
Press the "High/Low" button to adjust the spray intensity of the mist (weak and strong), no indication lights to show high mist or low mist mode. About 300ml water will make the perfect mist.

1 X Humidifier
1 X Measuring Cup