4 Ton Air Jack Vehicle Exhaust Tools

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Exhaust Jack is the quickest and most reliable tool for lifting / raising your vehicle in mud, sand or snow. A must have on board recovery aid for any 4WDer, camper or hobbyist, the Air-Jack is easily inflated via the included 5.6 Metre hose which connects to your vehicle's exhaust or via a portable 12V compressor.The Air Jack is made from high tenacity 1000 Denier Nylon, layered both sides with plasticised PVC. With this ultra-ultra tough composition of materials, lifting your vehicle is almost effortless regardless of the type of ground. Combine this with a Twin Layer skin on top and base to resist puncturing and a lift high of 75cm and maximum GVM of 4 Ton.

● Material: High tenacity 1000 Denier Nylon
● Inlet Connection: Glass reinforced polymide
● Exhaust Connector Cone: 10cm/4"
● Exhaust Hose Material: EPDM Lay flat rubber extrusion
● Exhaust Hose Length: 560cm
● Size: Diameter 580mm x Height 750mm
● Lift Capacity: 4 Tonne  
Scope of Application:
● Need to lifting unilateral
● When my car in Sand, mud
● A single wheel stick in the mud
● Across the gap

Package Included:
● 1x Air/Exhaust Jack
● 1x Carry Bag
● 2x Protective Mats
● 1x 6 Meter Exhaust Hose
● 2x Gloves
● 1x Gas valve
● 1x Glue

WARNING: Do not under any circumstances allow yourself or others to crawl or place any part of your body under the vehicle while using this device. Operation is intended purely as a lifting aid. Air-Jacks are intended only for changing a tyre or getting out of a rut / bog.

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