2mx1.8mx5mm Kids Play Mat

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-Size : 2m*1.8m*0.005m
-Material: PE cotton
-Double Sides: Featuring alphabetic ocean on one side & animal farm on the other Safe, Soft & Comfortable
-Green environmental protection, safe non-toxic:All materials with safety, environmental protection, such as PE  and CPP materials,The indicators in line with the European standard EN71 part3.1994 + a1;2000 + ac;2002;  request, can ensure the safe use.
-Moisture-proof insulation:Middle is upset PE foam material, thermal elastic, is advantageous to the baby's spine;  The underlying the PET aluminum Membrane,moisture-proof insulation, the overall material soft hard moderate,  can use all the year round, also is the best place to baby crawl and play.
-Easy to clean, easily portable: Surface as a whole in line with the molding, waterproof can scrub, wet cloth gently  scrub After the baby pee ,and this Is superior to the ordinary hold onto the carpet.Out a bag, foldable and portable  and convenient.
-Front:OPP film,Printing the "printed" technology,Don't have to worry about the baby comes into contact with    the ink, at the same time adopt surface have prevent slippery design, more safety and reliable.
-Middle:PE cotton,Used in food packaging on the green environmental protection raw materials, non-toxic  tasteless.
-Bottom:PET composite coating,Can have good insulation moistureproof effect.

Inspection report:
-Product inspection standards: European standard EN71PART3:1994 + A1;2000 + AC;2002.
-Inspection agency:SGS.
-Inspection items:Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, antimony, selenium, barium heavy metals etc.
-Inspection conclusion:All qualified
-When the first open the bag, there will be some packaging of peculiar smell, out put ventilation will disappear.
-Split open products have crease, please placed after a period of time will reduce or disappear.
-Daily cleaning, please use cotton soft brush dipped in soapy water to wipe, please do not use hard objects such  as rough brush rosin water or alcohol, etc.
-Oily pen writing daub the surface will not be able to wipe.
-Please do not contact with sharp, sharp objects or tweak tear it.
-Crawling mat will change with the temperature change and soft degree, the higher the temperature the more soft.
-Do not use the product for a long time exposure in the sun, will accelerate the aging of the products.
-This product is flammable, please do not contact with fire or high temperature object.
-Children should be used under adult supervision, avoid mouth bite or chewed.
Packing Include:
-1X Kids Play Mat
-1X Bag

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