20W Mosquito Killer UV Lamp

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1.keep away from childern to avoid risks of suffocation.
2.keep away from fire.
3.Unit Is Not Weatherproof, Recommended for Indoor Use Only
This mosquito killer UV lamp uses ultraviolet light to lure insects flying into the high voltage grill and then catches them instantly, thus killing insects with no necessity of adding insecticide or chemicals, good for both human beings and environment.

* No Spraying & Chemical-free.
* Chain for Easy Hanging
* Qualified Aluminium Construction
* No Escape-Twisted Trap Door System for Trapping All Insects.
* Qualified UV-A Tube as the Best Attraction to Flying Insects
* It is trapping, so you won't be disturbed by incessant humming & buzzing or by sporadic zapping.
* Suitable for Commercial, Home or Office Use
* Watts: 20W
* Weight: 3.1 Kg
* Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 650 x 105 x 315 mm
* Colour: Silver
* Effective Area: 80 ㎡
 Package Included
* 1 x Mosquito Killer UV Lamp