16L UV Towel Sterilizer

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This is towel warmer with built-in UV lamp, Its Micro Computer Control system heat and sterilize towels automatically. All you need to do is to press the function button and enjoy the cleaned towels.

Heat resistant coated metal housing.
Stainless steel cabinet.
3 in 1: heating ,sterilizer and storage towel.
Automatic temperature control function
Built-in UV light to kill bacterial and viruses.
Stainless steel removable light-weight baskets to hold towels on.
Removable plastic drip tray mounted underneath cabinet door.
Door handle for you to open the door easily.

Note: Don’t unplug when the machine is working. Only damp towel available!

Machine Power: 200w/220v/50Hz
Temperature range: 70±10 degrees
Capacity: 16L 50-60 pieces of facial towels in regular size)
Product size: 450 * 270 * 350 mm
Rack: 320 * 230 *70 mm

Package Includes:
1 x Towel Warmer
1 x Drip Tray
2 x Rack
1 x User Manual

1.After starting the cabinet and when it hasn't reached to the given level of the temperature,please don't try to open the cabinet's door and so as not to affect the heat rising result.
2.Please use a cramp to fetch the towels due to the high temperature inside the cabinet,and never try to fetch towels directly with hands in order to avoid being scalded.
3.When to clean the cabinet,please make sure to pull off the power plug first.
4. Please to check often water deposit box and empty the deposit water timely.