12V Electric Scissor Jack Lift With Impact Wrench

  • $119.99
  • Save $29

This Electric Scissor Jack with Impact Wrench will help you save time and effort,especially in comparison with hand-operate product.Otherwise,this electric jack can load 3 Ton weight,including cars,SUVs,light vans,and so on.
We will provide a manual for operation,and first-class after-sale service to make you enjoy yourself without any care.
  ◀ Strong bearing capability - about 3000KG
  ◀ Simple installation and effortless operation
  ◀ Portable toolbox comes with warning mark
  ◀ Two ways to take electricity, connection with battery or connection with sigar lighter
  ◀ Remote controller of jack & swith of impact wrench equipped with led light for night operation
  ◀ Crank handle & Screwdriver for no electricity condition,but just in case
      Do not operate on uneven ground.
  ◀ Type:Electric Jack with Electric Wrench
  ◀ Main Material:High Strength Steel
  ◀ Voltage:DC 12V Or Vehicle Battery Power Supply
  ◀ Weight Capacity:3 Ton
  ◀ Lifting Range:12-37cm
Package Included
  ◀ 1X Electric Jack
  ◀ 2X Battery Clamp
  ◀ 1X Cigar Ligther Cable
  ◀ 3X Fuse
  ◀ 1X Hand Crank  
  ◀ 1X Sleeves
  ◀ 1x Gloves
  ◀ 1x ToolBox
  ◀ 1X Manual