1. Where shall I go if I want to pick up my order?

A: Our warehouse is located at,

2 Venture Court
Dandenong South
VIC 3175

This area is relatively new, some GPS may not have the updated area maps. In this case, you need to turn onto Williams Road from Green Road (at the traffic lights where Viridian Glass is located on the left side of Greens Road). Then follow Williams Road until you come to the roundabout and turn right, follow Venture Court until you reach the intersection and we are on the right..

2. What are your requirements for orders pick up?

Please call our service number at 0399883390 at least 3 hours prior to you attending the premises - to organize your pick up – then we will get your order ready and it will save both your time & our time. Please be noted that we are operating a very busy warehouse facilities, if you just show up without organizing with us in advance, we may not be able to find the time to assist you.

3. How can I pay for my pick up order?

A: You can either pay via our website and bring proof of payment with you on picking up; or make the payment on pick up – either by cash, please bring the exact amount as limited cash is kept on the premises, or by Credit Card - only Master or Visa Card is accepted.

4. Can I pick up on Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays?

A: Our warehouse only opens between Monday-Friday 10.30am-5pm. We are closed on Weekends or Public holidays.

5. Can I get a discount if I pick up?

A. Maybe,

Please contact our Customer Service via email prior to ordering if you wish to discuss the matter – we will not discount on the spot at our warehouse, there are only warehouse staffs, they are not authorized to negotiate the price.