Drop Ship

How can you benefit from drop shipping
Remarkably low start cost
Lower seller cost, bigger seller profits
Minimal time to set up your business
No inventory hassles, shipping hassles, or packaging hassles
Broad product range
Explore new products lines

How does drop shipping work?
Drop shipping is a retail service provided by manufacturer or supplier like iepoch.com.au to ship the products directly to the end-purchaser.When a product is sold, the retailer will pass along the customer’s order detail to the supplier who packages and ships the product. The reseller’s profit in the transaction is the different between the wholesale and retail price of the item sold.

Drop shipping saves you the hassle of warehousing, packaging, anrtd shipping of products, which translates into a reduction in cost. It leads to greater profit and more savings for customers. Resellers can also take advantage of the wide selection of products since they can select from different manufacturers.

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